HR Business Partner


1 days

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The HR Business Partner model is a valuable model to attain crucial information on how partnering operates in practice, in both public and private sectors. Discover how you can develop and progress as an HR business partner, either personally or within your organisation.


This course will provide a detailed understanding on how the HR business partner model would be the one-stop shop for different deparments and stakeholders within an ogranization to ensure an optimal streamlined solution. The course caters to specific organizational needs and ensures the HR Business Partners are prepared to handle a wide range of services to help optimize business performnace. 


By the end of the HR Business Partner course, you’ll be able to:


appreciate the business partnering approach and its key drivers

identify how business partnering differs from other approaches such as internal consultancy, HR manager or director role

learn to assess the implications for HR careers and your organisation as a whole

recognise the attitudes, knowledge and skills required of an HR partner

assess your own organisation’s readiness for HR partnering

devise strategies for influencing line managers

develop a personal ‘partnering’ action plan.

Target Audience

HR as Business Partner course is extremely well suited to you if you’re a new HR business partner, currently aspiring to this role, or an HR professional looking to introduce partnering into your organisation.