HR Digital Transformation


1 days

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In-house - Online


Digital transformation is the integration and acceptance of new technology in all areas of a business, enabling a more innovative and productive workforce. It’s a people-centric process, which is why HR plays such an essential part in the successful implementation of the the transformation. In this course, we explore the role of HR in ensuring the delivery of a successful digital transformation. Learn how to digitize your recruitment process, implement digital learning and development, leverage cloud productivity tools, streamline performance review and start utilizing data in strategic decision-making. Plus, find out how transforming your employee experience and company culture will lead to increased innovation, productivity, and engagement.


Recognize why today’s employees choose to work for an organization.

Recall the importance of separating feedback from compensation decisions.

Explain how HR should view the process of digital transformation.

Identify how beliefs are translated into everyday actions.

Name the lifeblood of HR.

Target Audience

HR practitioners