Introduction to Change Management


1 days

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In-house - Online


An agile business is a competitive one, with change as a necessary function of gaining or maintaining advantage. It could be departments within an organization or the entire business itself that needs to change, so managing and adapting to organizational change is a determining factor for business contintuity. Learn the comprehensive scope of Change Management and how to utilize it to guide and transition individuals, groups and organizations to yield desired outcomes using a structured approach. This introductory course helps professionals and business owners to set up the right framework for changing the existing state of operations to a desired future one with clear milestones, deliverables and stakeholders. 


Having completed this course you will be able to:

–  Describe the various forms of structure that can exist within an organization;

 – Discuss why organizations change and why employees may resist such change;

 – Develop their own change management skills; 

–  Describe the importance of communication in the change management process; and

 – Develop skills that help employees cope with change.

Target Audience

This course will be of great interest to professionals working in an industry that is currently experiencing, or will soon be experiencing orrganizational change. The course will also be of interest to small business owners who wish to learn how their businesses can successfully transition and adapt through periods of change