Operation Planning


3 days

Suitable for

In-house - Online


Learn the concepts, skills and knowledge required to develop and implement an effective operational plan to support and achieve the strategic objectives of the organisation. Using a structured systematic approach, this course will provide the necessary knowhow to turn strategic goals into specific sequenced activities. You will learn how to allocate appropriate resources and how to budget and allocate time for each activity. You will also learn how to allocate your team members to appropriate tasks and optimize team capability. In building the operational plan, you will learn to strategically consult with and manage appropriate stakeholders. Utilising your stakeholders and a range of other strategies you will accurately identify the risks associated with the plan and develop a comprehensive contingency plan. Once developed, you will learn how to implement the operational plan with appropriate monitoring measures in place to identify underperformance and mitigate in a timely and efficient manner.


By the end of this course, you should be able to: develop operational plans consult with and manage stakeholders plan for and allocate resources allocate appropriate costing and time frames to the plan match team member capability and build that capability over time identify risks and develop contingency plans monitor performance aspects of the plan.

Target Audience

Designed to suit those who are moving into or those that are relatively new to the operational planning arena. It will also  benefit  those who are involved with operational planning and are seek clarification and direction to improve their operational planning and implementation skills.