Recruitment & Selection


3 days

Suitable for

In-house - Online


The science behind effective and strategic employee interviews, recruitment and selection is thoroughly covered in this course. You will learn how  the wrong hiring decision impacts an organization’s resources and hinders the ability to achieve organizational goals. In a nutshell, this course equipes you with the right knowledge and skills to hire the right candidate for the right job. 


Define recruitment, list its main steps and learn the best methods and sources for attracting qualified candidates

Practice the various techniques used for short listing and assessing candidates and the reliability and validity of each

Discover the main types of selection interviews and when and how to use each

Prepare and conduct a probing interview for any vacancy and level in the organization

Use the data collected from various assessment stages for selection purposes

Target Audience

Managers, superintendents, supervisors and officers in the functions of human resources or recruitment whose jobs require recruiting and selecting employees. The course is also very useful for all professionals required to conducting frequent and important selection interviews.