Empathy and Emotional Intelligence at Work


3 days

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One of the key insights from the science of happiness is that our own personal happiness depends heavily on our relationships with others. By tuning into the needs of other people, we actually enhance our own emotional well-being. The same is true within organizations: those that foster trusting, cooperative relationships are more likely to have a more satisfied, engaged—and more productive and innovative—workforce, with greater employee loyalty and retention. This course  explains the psychological and neuroscientific roots of cooperative, compassionate behaviors, illustrating how these  “soft” skills ae actually core aspects of human nature that serve basic human needs as well as the bottom line of an organization.


The course offers practical ways to strengthen empathy, trust and collaboration among teams and resolve conflicts more constructively—with a special emphasis on how socially intelligent leadership can build cultures of belonging and engagement.


This course will allow you to:

Discover the psychological and biological roots of empathy, trust, and cooperation

Understand how the skills of emotional and social intelligence support organizational happiness and productivity

Develop research-based strategies for strengthening empathy and resolving conflicts constructively

Learn how to lead with social intelligence

Target Audience

This course is for all professionals who want to learn research-based skills to strengthen empathy and trust, improve collaboration, and create more innovative, productive, and satisfying experiences at work.