Feedback & Coaching


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A leader is directly responsible to develop his or her team. When team leaders create and encourage a productive environment, through direct coaching to supporting the development of new skills among team members, the results are testaments of their success. A leader is capable of identifying the true potential of people and building on their skills to achieve more than initially thought possible. This course will help team leaders draw out the strengths of their team members, sharpen their skills to achieve success, and build their confidence to excel at a much higher level.


This highly interactive and practical half-day course will make you:

– Master powerful techniques for praising good performance

– Discover a simple, yet elegant, five-step process for constructive feedback

– Acquire strategies for developing employees by using ‘facilitative feedback’

– Learn how to tailor the messages to take account of people’s individual feedback preferences

– Grasp methods of running effective coaching sessions

Target Audience

This course is for all Executives, Managers and Team Leaders who wish to improve their ability to give good quality feedback and  motivate their staff more effectively