Ownership & Accountability


1 day

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In-house - Online


Great managers know that accountability is a cornerstone of successful management, shedding unproductive outcomes such as blame, complaints, procrastination, and disengagement. This course takes a deep dive into the fundamental skills managers need to delegate appropriately, provide resources for success, overcome challanges through coaching and uncover and address problems when people fail to perform.



This course will teach you to :

•Review methods for taking control of tasks and making time to manage others.

•Hold a successful one-on-one meeting as a manager.

•Identify what, when, why, where, and how to delegate.

•Coach for buy-in and empowerment.

•Identify the reasons for delays or suboptimal work quality and effectively address concerns.

•Coach development to encourage ownership and buy-in.

Target Audience

This course is for managers and professionals who are ready to take on a managerial role.