Problem Solving & Decision Making


3 days

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In-house - Online


Critical thinking and problem-solving are integral skills for an employee’s–and their organization’s- success. The most successful professionals can assess the environment, analyze a situation, design a solution and ultimately be more competitive in their domain.


This course will explore, discuss, and provide applicable techniques for critical thinking and problem-solving in a business context.


Learners will draw from their work experience by critically analyzing case studies. Best practices for problem-solving will be discussed, weighing on alternative solutions, incorporating feedback from stakeholders, and how and when to start over.


– Topics covered also include:

– How to perform strategic analysis and assessment

– How to perceive and assess a critical need and design a tailored solution

– How to identify key stakeholders and ensure their needs are met

– How to employ adaptive problem-solving

– How to work through obstacles collaboratively

– How to analyze failure to improve future performance

Target Audience

This course is for all professionals aiming to professionally develop or improve their Problem Solving and decision-making skills.